We are dedicated to serve our clients, to earn their loyalty and meet their ever expanding needs. It is our motto and goal to deliver high quality, efficient and reliable products that stand the tests and rigours of a competitive environment.
To fulfill this mission and purpose, PSI constantly strives towards:

  • Listening, learning and understanding the challenges of the industry and capitalising on the opportunities and strategic possibilities.

  • Employing practices that safeguard the environment.

  • Becoming an industry steward and trusted partner.

  • Expanding its position as an industry technology leader.

  • Maintaining a highly safe and secure work environment for its staff.


PSI aims to provide the best solutions to our clients in the MENA region. We understand that providing superlative solutions that are sustainable is the best way to grow our business. By utilising our experience in the industry, we continue to provide a range of products that suits the needs of all of our clients.

We encourage our people to take small actions which can go a long way in improving the quality of service and product value we offer our clients.